Saturday, February 6, 2010


Welcome to Sony Centre(Penang), Charlie Cellular. Warmest greetings to all the visitors here. This site is a side where you can search for the latest information that is happening here in Sony Centre(Penang). We have two outlets here in Penang. The two outlets are @ Gurney Plaza, Penang Island and @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang Mainland.

Our outlet at Sunway Carnival Mall(SCM) is currently the largest outlet in Penang. Our product range from device to accessories. Besides, we also sells DSLR and accessories, LCD Bravia, digital cameras and accessories, DVD players, digital alarm clock, Sony Ericsson handphones and accessories,Hi-Fi, home theather system, handycam and accessories, Playstations, Vaio notebooks and netbooks, Walkman players and many more products.

We hope to serve our best to each and every customers from time to time. "Customer first" is our top priority.

Do have any enquiries?

Please do not be hesitate to leave a comment at the chatbox/comment space or do give us a call.

Sony Centre Sunway Carnival Mall = 04-3980962 /016-4145009
Sony Centre Gurney Plaza = 04-2279962 /016-4458448

Thank You :-)


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